Meet The Mad Elegant Creator

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Calling myself the CREATOR of Mad Elegant seems like too big a thing to say.  I’m just a girl's girl who’s known for supporting her girls, and standing for Happiness Over Everything.

I wanted to have a brand of clothing that expressed my personality and the things I feel are important.  Social Justice and women supporting women. Also, something simple & cute, but hella empowering, and for a cause!

I’ve been “kind of a scientist” with my own sexuality since 2016.  After a sexual tragedy stemming from domestic violence. I had to find my emotional and sexual healing & justice on my own.  It didn’t happen until I opened my eyes to the world of self-love through body care and sexual healing.  I found strength in my own sexuality and saw how empowering it is for women (and all genders) who own their own sexuality.

I decided to empower myself first with what happened to me, and to be the victor of my life.  I started seeing my own worth.  I put choosing happiness over everything.  Like, fuck doing things for money, fuck doing things for how i'll look, fuck doing anything unless I like it or love it.  

Mad Elegant apparel comes from this personal journey.  Creating a brand that has a voice is the a piece of a Love Revolution.

Mad Elegant stands behind everything that I believe in.  Our world needs changing, and it is changing.  This brand wants to represent that.  And stands beside BLM, LGBTQ+, Pro-Choose, Science, Feminism, Humanism, Immigrants, & Sex Workers.  Love & Life should be celebrated, not diminished.